Friday, April 18, 2014

Galesburg, Illinois - CHECK OUT this GEM - LOTUS YOGA - Center for Healing and Wellness

Did you know that Galesburg, Illinois has an amazing Yoga, Meditation, Massage, Holistic Nursing (Food Based Healing) Center?

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Galesburg, Illinois.. here are some interesting facts about a City that has some hidden gems.

Galesburg is an amazing city that has bred many famous individuals such as the World Renowned Poet, Carl Sandburg.  In addition, to Carl Sandburg here is a list of innovative and famous individuals who have been born or lived in Galesburg.

Ronald Regan, Charles Walgreen (Founder of Walgreens), Jim Sundberg (Baseball Player), Todd Hamilton (Famous Pro Golfer), George Washington Gale Ferris, Jr. (Inventor of the Ferris Wheel)

This city has always been open to new ideas and has embraced new opportunties for growth and community development.  That is why I am soooooo excited to promote an amazing new Holistic Center for Galesburg.

The Center offers a beautiful studio space in such a tranquil setting.  When I entered the studion I noticed beautiful hard wood floors, Mirrored ceilings, an amazing water display, sliding doors for privacy, additional rooms for massage, holistic consultations with a registered holistic nurse, a complete line of holistic products from the ESSANTE ORGANIC COMPANY.

For those Galesburg residents and Surrounding Community Members who have never tried Yoga, meditation or Massage this is a great place to start.  They offer 
Introduction classes to Yoga.  Teach "Moving Meditation" such as TAI CHI.   

For those of you looking for a LUNCH TIME slow down during your hectic work day..they offer a LUNCH TIME YOGA Class. 

THEY EVEN offer HOT YOGA... which is such a great workout. 

Having Digestive Issues, been diagnosed with Cancer and Looking for a Holistic approach to your health, needing to change your diet????

Lotus Yoga-Center for Healing and Wellness has Trained Holistic Health Care Providers to assist you in your journey towards maintaining optimal health.  

Check out some of the impressive bio's of the LOTUS YOGA, Inc.  Staff.

Interested ?????


Single Class  - $8

15 Class Card - $75

30 Class Card - $125

Unlimited (Auto) - $60

Unlimited Per Month - $70

Private House - $30


New Student to Lotus Yoga?

Try it for 30 days at $30

($1 per day??? Really.. Amazing!!!)

Discounts offered to 

Teachers, Nurses, Firefighters, Police Officers

Senior Citizens $40

Students $30

Please support this amazing business for Galesburg and Click on the links above to learn more about the Center for healing and wellness - Lotus Yoga.

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