Thursday, November 6, 2014

Ear ART and MisMatch Style - Fashion Moms Be Aware

I recently lost One of my MOST favorite earrings.  I could not bring myself to throw the other matching earring away.

Jennifer Fisher is a brillant jewelry designer and has mastered the art of jewelry making.  She has designed the coolest earrings and necklaces for famous celebrities and socialites.  I would kill to have the earrings she creates at a fraction of the cost.  I decided to seek out her stick chain earring design and had found a very simple pair similar to the Jennifer Fisher style at the LIMITED.  I have sought all over the internet for the same length, gold plated and similar chain style to the ones I had … but no such luck.  

In order to rock my one stick chain earring … I decided pairing it with fun little nuggets and gold studs.  

Purchase this little adorable set from

Images taken from Polyvore

Madewell Sells this delightful set at $32.00

This adorable set is available through an artist website for $18.00

This is a great little fun statement for any mom who wants to get away from your standard set of studs, or hoop earrings.  

Here's my suggestions….

Wake up, put your yoga pants on and your best sweater… close your eyes and grab random pieces from your jewelry drawer and you may be surprised on how adorable you will look.

It makes getting adorned fun and unique!!!

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