Thursday, November 6, 2014

Ear Cuffs and Chains .. CATBIRD jewelry is AMAZING!!

Remember the trend that came upon us in the 80's where your small town high school girl headed to the local CLAIRE's to get multiple piercings in each ear.  I remember thinking how cool I was having 3 piercings in one and 2 in the other.  I stocked up on studs and small hoops.

(Photo Courtesy of Jewelry on Pinterest)

I was always in awe of those girls who decided to pierce the upper part of their ear or even the TRAGUS Part of the ear.  YEP… I researched the various parts of where you can pierce your ear and the technical terms.   Click here to learn about the 12 different types of piercings.

Well… since my mom…. drew the line of where and how many piercings I could possess… I got my 5  on the lobe and called it a day.  I recently saw on jewelry trends.. ear cuffs are soooo popular right now.

I am a very simple jewelry wearer and wanted something that was subtle and pretty.

Tracy Anderson is sporting an adorable ear cuff and chain.

Beautiful and so simple.

I ran across some fun pieces on Etsy that I had to share with you.  

Lastly my favorite ear cuff and most recently favorite jewelry line

So excited to see all the options and more excited to rock an adorable ear cuff.

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