Sunday, January 15, 2012


In no means am I endorsing any products.  However, since living in Tazewell County... I look for new and exciting ways to keep it FABULOUS!  One little idea I came across is Horseback riding lessons.  Growing up watching the "Stopping of the Divots" on Pretty Woman.. I always wanted to go to Polo Match Games and learn how to ride horses.

What a better way to learn and make it a family event.  I decided to take the reigns and sign up our lil cowboys and my "scared ***less" husband and I for horseback riding lessons at

Rocking P Ranch in Pekin, Illinois

Then you and your little FABULOUS offsprings can go to the Weaver Polo Fields to watch the Annual Easter Seals Polo Matches on Koener Road in Edwards and be able to appreciate those beautiful steads.

Check out the information at

You are one step closer to being a REAL Housewife of Tazewell County!

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